Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Mittens with Citrus

Our "top chef" competition this year during our family vacation was another big hit. The secret ingredient, which had to be featured in each course, was citrus. It always manages to show up in the clothes everyone wears, or the music played during dinner, or the color of our fingernails.

We're not quite settled after a busy summer, but by Labor day life will be a bit more stable. We've been traveling from borrowed house to borrowed house until we can get into the winter rental on the coast we wanted. And this is the reason for all the upheaval:

Our new house has VERTICAL WALLS! Very exciting after waiting so long.

I've been dong a bit of sewing, but mostly by hand since my studio is in storage for the forseeable future. I've been looking at a lot of art though, in galleries and museums. I love these first friday (or every friday) night art walks in so many towns. What could be better than checking out all that inspiration with a glass of wine in hand and fellow art lovers surrounding you.