Monday, December 29, 2008

Random thoughts.

Christmas is over. It was a good one, full of family and good food. And for the first time I can say I did not overindulge. I also never got out to walk as much as I would have liked either, but New Year's Resolutions are right around the corner and they will include something about exercising. Not that I'm big on resolutions, but it is nice to start the new year with some sort of direction.

I've also been cleaning like crazy because of the unexpected phone call from a neighbor who heard our house was going on the market in the spring and would like to come see it. I am not getting my hopes up that all this (selling in a bad market, making our house look it's best, etc) could be taken care of by the first person that expresses an interest, but how nice would that be. We have a long road ahead of us, one we haven't traveled in nearly 30 years, which means 30 years of accumulated "stuff". Oh well, baby steps.

Tonight is Rigatoni in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce. Yummy. And today, visiting my dad in the hospital. He went in Christmas Eve Day, into Intensive Care Christmas morning, with breathing problems. He's still there, but seems to be doing much better. It was NOT FUN to get that phone call Christmas morning.

Sun's up. Time to start my day. Have a good one!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Christmas everyone. It's coming down to the wire, but all is in place here, even the beautiful new foot of snow. It's beautiful because:
A. someone has plowed us out, and
B. we didn't lose our power.

Simple things.

I found these old buttons when I was cleaning out my studio, packing away a few things I won't need for the next year or so. (two LARGE plastic tubs and 8 boxes). And I am NOT a packrat. But, of course, as soon as I packed these wool scraps in one of the boxes, I had a need for them. Fortunately, not too much time had passed and I remembered, sort of, where they might be.

Frayed Edges met last week, here. You can read about it on Sarah's blog. I seem to have lost the rest of the week not feeling well...and looking for a recipe for our favorite christmas cookies to share with all of you. Which I never found, but requested from my daughter-in-law, and proceeded to misplace again. Maybe next year the stars will align and I'll have the picture (which is beautiful, I might add) AND the recipe in the same place at the same time! In the meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday with your own loved ones.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Enjoying Christmas

We took the Polar Express to the North Pole the other night. It was a beautiful clear cold night and the Narrow Gauge Railroad and station were done up for Christmas. Katherin, Charlie, Ella, Carey and Charlotte all wore pajamas, just like in the story and just like in the story had hot chocolate and cookies during the trip. Charlotte was VERY CAREFUL not to get the "sticky frosting" on her fingers. She was also very careful to stay AS FAR AWAY from Santa as she could get. Therefore, no pictures of Santa's Workshop with elves everywhere, making things, and doing the "elf dance".

The project was sponsored by the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum.
And I'm not sure, but I think the elves and this wonderfully happy, young, hot chocolate server was part of the Maine Stage Company. It was a great experience and fun for every age.

Today I plan to tackle some unfinished projects. I counted 5 last night when I couldn't sleep. Most only have a little this and a little that left to complete them, so there's really nothing so overwhelming to hold me back. Binding. A few embroidery stitches. No excuse to leave them undone. Oh yeah, and I should vacuum.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Waiting for the Cloves

What's New...

Getting ready for the holidays. Decorations are going up slowly and for the first time in a long time I HAVE time. To enjoy the process. Our fireplace is the heart of our home so the mantle is always a focal point for artistic expression. This year: