Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Happenings

Yes, I've been lax in postings. I've been doing yard work after a very long winter. Doing it and enjoying it. A little here and a little there adds up to ALL of it done painlessly. I've also been doing housework, trying to keep things neat, so if there happens to be a showing scheduled I can be ready with a couple hours notice. And last, when I usually tend to post (early morning) I've been taking my coffee lakeside. So, so nice. Peaceful. Lovely.

And speaking of lovely, yesterday was a Frayed Edges Day (without Hannah and Deborah :(). I had planned a project, nothing special, just something to DO. We made blocks similar to the ones on the cover of Lesley Riley's new book, Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur.

This is Kate's work in progress and mine is the finished example I made earlier. It was fun to have something to work on during our meeting. And interesting how we went from non stop talking and sharing, to hands on quiet artist mode, all working side by side. And as Kate pointed out, with very little direction.

Before Deborah moved to Texas she would always take a picture of lunch table so this is in her honor...fresh spinach salad with red onion, mandarin oranges and toasted almonds along with sliced tomatoes, avocados and ranch dressing piled on a toasted english muffin (delish!).

We finished with homemade chocolate cake by Sarah, seen here wearing her repurposed vest from her son's castoffs.

I have very clever and talented friends. Kate's top, by the way? She found it at her local Recycling Barn. At the transfer station. The dump. We've all been very envious of her Recycling Barn at one time or another.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little Birds

Going through a rough patch, but these birds do make me happy. I started out with a piece of napkin, that new heavy stuff that's sort of like soft lutrador but isn't, and slapped some paint on in the shape of a bird as it turns out. Then I just added things with no forethought. I put some scraps together in a cigar box, along with thread and floss and took it on vacation. It was relaxing handwork.

The background is an old organza curtain with the white leaf pattern already on it. Embroidery stitches, textured fabrics, paint and buttons.

I went to an artist lecture this weekend. The artist, Brian White, a very unassuming young man who does sculpture with found objects and fresco. He said a lot of things but the one thing I remember was his answer to the question someone posed about being called an artist. He said,"I used to be very uncomfortable about being called an artist until my art started to 'say something'. Before that, it was just pretty pictures." There have been so many conversations about this very subject and as many viewpoints, but this seemed to ring true and simple for me. Something to ponder.

Friday, April 10, 2009

We're home from a week in warm sun and warmer breezes. Florida is truly beautiful this time of year, though it may be my northern eyes in cold April that make it so. It was a TREAT I tell you, a TREAT to leave jackets, mittens, and hats home and to walk in the early morning in nothing but a tank top and shorts. It will be that way here, SOON.
One day we went kayaking in the gulf off of Boca Grande and found a little island to have lunch.
Just a taste of what's to come in Maine. And speaking of taste, this picture is one reason why my pants are a bit on the tight side these days, (the other would be cocktail hour every night). Fresh scones and LOTS of great food and drink for a whole week. Lovely.