Friday, September 23, 2011

Projects and Progress

I've had a hard time trying to decide whether or not to write this post, but decided I would, mostly so you'd know I really am up to something besides building a house and making 20 decisions a day that have nothing to do with sewing. The reason behind this hesitation is this: when I look at this piece, which I made for an animal shelter fundraiser called Woofstock, I get sad and mad...and then I think, lesson learned. The lesson is this: know your audience BEFORE you make something worth more than it will potentially go for. Start out with a minimum bid. And let it go. Which I will do once I get through with this post. Some lucky person walked away with a really cool 2'x3' folk art dog and owl for $30. Yuk.

On a happier note, our house has windows and a roof to date. No front door yet, but that will be soon. And no pictures because, really, the inside is just a bunch of 2x4's. But as soon as the siding is on I'll start boring you silly with lots of progress pics. Like pictures of the bathroom tile, and the concrete countertop I've chosen, or maybe the garage doors. Bet you can't wait for that one. But I will show you a progress shot of this:

My new studio space. Exciting!