Thursday, January 13, 2011

Everyone is looking for something new to get them through the coming year. A word or a phrase, something to guide their movements or actions. Sarah has chosen a word for the year: breathe. And if you've read her blog over the last few months she's had a lot of stress thrown her way and is probably looking forward to a little clean air and deep breaths. I came across this blog, new to me but now on my list, and was inspired enough to adopt her thoughts for the coming year, I mean who wouldn't be after reading the title of the post: "Growing younger in 2011." Carolina says there are 3 keys to the process, Expansion, Contraction, and Completion. Without knowing it, I've been working on the first two (sort of) and will try harder on the third. Expand your mind, contract your body and finish your projects. But read it for yourself and see what you think.
And the tulips? A glimpse of color in the black and white of a snowstorm.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Where do I start....any recommendations? Of course it would make more sense for me to 'start' finishing other projects left to loose ends, like the bookcases and trim I'm painting (paint drying =reading time), or the two full size quilts that need a bit of work, or the 2 small sewing projects, or removing the greens from the windowsill and the list goes on. Then after reading Joanne's blog this morning I realized I should give my geraniums some attention too. And dust MY lampshades. And go for a 3 mile walk. But January is a very long month followed by an even longer February, so it's good to have things to keep my mind off how far away spring is. Very good to be so busy.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bright Stars and a Clear Sky

A quiet night here, some of us made it till midnight and one was happily tucked under the down comforter dreaming about all the wonderful possibilities 2011 may bring. Hoping your new year is whatever you need it to be.