Monday, August 27, 2007

More Pamela Allen

At the workshop we did with Pamela Allen she handed out a small 'piece of art' printed on fabric to make into something. The directions were to continue the design....I was going to post this way back, but then I couldn't find my little girl design. I trashed the bags I brought with me, dumped out every scrap I brought home, even went through some bags I knew I hadn't brought but still couldn't find it. Then just the other day I'm sitting at my sewing table in one of those staring off into space moments and noticed her posted very neatly on my design wall. Scary, my mind these days.

So I decided to bring her out because as I was reading one of favorite blogs, I noticed Joanne, who also took the same workshop, has posted her interpretation. Make sure to check hers out too. Pamela said she uses 'blackout' fabric to print on, the stuff hotels use as lining in their drapes, so I'll be experimenting soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Postcard from Maine

Someday I'll do something with this, but for now I'll just enjoy the colors and textures.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacation Fish Painting

Sometimes you do projects with kids and it's a bust and sometimes it works like a well that the adults want to get in on the action too! Everyone was a little horrified with the fact that we'd use a real fish...purchased from a bait store freezer. I couldn't face catching a fish and just letting it gasp it's last breath on the dock at my feet, though I have no problem putting live lobsters in boiling water.
Anyone who works with kids and crafts knows the best things happen when everything is organized and ready to go so the kids just have to arrive and do their thing. And it never hurts to have a few tootsie rolls hanging around for fuel.

So here are Bridget and Keilly, (top) and Ella (bottom) carefully painting their fishies. There were plenty of adults hanging around to help with the 'transfer part", actually getting it onto their t-shirts. Of course we had to wait for the paint to dry and the kids scattered so I never got a group photo, but the results were pretty nice:

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Omelettes for a crowd

We had a FABULOUS vacation with all our family. Well, 27 of us for this particular breakfast. One of the reasons it was so enjoyable was that we all took turns doing the meal planning and cooking. I have to admit I was surrounded by cookers that were better and LIKED it more than me so I only did one meal, but helped with others. The following pictures are from the breakfast Debbie, Heidi and Martha prepared. I think this technique has been around for awhile but it is brand new to me and SO CLEVER!!!

First you get all the fixin's ready for omelettes. Grated cheese, onions peppers, ham, sausage, bacon, whatever you like in your omelette. Lay them out on the table along with a zip lock bag with each persons name on the front. Scramble a dozen or so eggs and have a ladle handy.

So this is how it goes. Each person finds the bag with their name on it, goes around filling it with whatever they want, takes a ladle and a half of egg mix and dumps it in their bag. Zip it.

Pop it in a big pan of boiling water, being careful not to let the air out. They take about 10 to 15 minutes to cook and about half way through you should "stir them" by taking them out of the water and laying them on the counter and just sort of patting them with your hand (which has an oven mitt on because they're hot). You'll know when they're done. Not loose anymore.

We had homefries, english muffins, and bacon along with fresh hot coffee. Yummy! Try it sometime and let me know how it works.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pamela Allen

What a thrill to be able to take a workshop with Pamela. My workshop was called "My Quilts, My Rules". My philosophy. Moving from the traditional quilter that I was to where I am now was not without major hurdles...LEAVING RAW EDGES??!! YEOW! NOT HAND QUILTED??! Mon Dieu! And now anything goes. Anything works. I worked on a piece I'm not ready to show needs to be developed just a little more before I put it out there. But soon.

We did a little "quiz" she called it, a small (4x6), fast work based on a fine art print she handed out to everyone. It was printed on blackout fabric, you know, the stuff that they line curtains with, and the instructions were to use this as the base and continue the design outward. Of course I have looked for my little piece and have no clue what I did with it, but I do have pictures of these sweet little birds, done by two different artists.

I'm sorry to say I don't know the names of the women who did these, but look how the subject was handled in each one. Put 24 people together and give them 6 different prints and see what happens. Pamela was very happy with the results. And what a great teacher she is. Despite the fact that our class was huge, she made every effort to be present to everyone and encouragement flowed. Joanne took the Friday and Sunday classes and has some interesting things to add if you want to check her out. It fits me to a 'T' to follow the words of Lucky Shie (Susan Shie), "You can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't fall apart!"