Friday, March 24, 2006

Snail Mail Surprises

What can be more fun than a really good letter in the mail? (not junk or bills or even catalogs, though I really like some of those because I hate to shop these days). A really good letter that has a big UNEXPECTED inside. When I opened this card from my friend Kate (check out her website here), this, her very first ATC fell out.

Tiny Houses

I can see why people love to do these...there's a limited space to work with, and before you know it you've created something really cool. The card in the background is one of her original designs from Kitchen Table Cards.

Surprises in the mail are great and I will try to remember to do more myself because if I like it, others must too! Nothing like a good old fashioned letter you can hold in your hand. And I'm not even talking about PACKAGES. What a kick those are! Makes you feel like it's your birthday or something.

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