Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm a Slacker

I've been away. Does that count for a good excuse for not posting? I've been away doing really good stuff that I WISHED I'd brought my camera along for. A great art opening at a frame shop in Portland, ( you could see the incredible pieces of collage art, all color themed, framed in thick black square frames, 9 of them, hung like a giant tic tac toe). If I had remembered my camera. I met my friend Gretchen in Boston for the day. She lives south of Boston and I live north, so we meet in the middle. This birthday celebration day we had mani's and pedi's (that's what people in the know call them)(I wouldn't know) at a spa on Boylston St. And tea at the Four Seasons. You could see the unbelievable ice cream brownie banana sundae covered with hot fudge and caramel and topped with fresh strawberries and nuts and whipped cream I had, or the miniature key lime meringue pie she had. If I had rememebered my camera. Not to mention the tulips in Boston Common.

I guess my favorite posts are the ones that have pictures, visual person that I am.

So this is what I have today:

My new napkins from the Martha collection at KMart. I bought some new placemats for spring and was very upset they didn't have any napkins to match, until I started thinking outside the box and turned around to find these. They're really towels and I could cut them in half and have twice as many but what a luxury to have a HUGE napkin to cover your whole lap, and that of your neighbor if you so choose. But the fabric is so yummy, and all the different colors! Oh boy.

One more picture.

Stylin' flip flops on a three year in training for greater things to come! Running was a little challenging for Katherine, but she sure looked good trying.

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Deborah said...

Miss you! I love those napkins. Apparently Martha Stewart has some nice patio furniture at kmart (which we are in the market for), but I can't track down a single kmart in Dallas. Isn't that crazy? There is a new gallery in Portland called Edith and Edna. Soulemama has some stuff there and our own blogring Deb Lacativa. When you check it out... bring your camera!