Monday, July 10, 2006

Kayak camping on Warren Island State Park this weekend. I'm not sure, but this may be the only State Park in the state of Maine that is only accessible by boat.

All we saw were sunny days and star filled nights, blue skies and equally blue water. There are 7 small campsites on this little island and we were one of only two sites filled on a GORGEOUS weekend in July. The ranger said this was indeed unusual, and weren't we the lucky ones to have whole place to ourselves.

The island is covered with old growth deciduous trees and some hardwood, but they're continuously cutting the old (some dead) stuff out to let the new growth have a chance to get old.

I loved this. It's just so full of promise, don't you think? This is what I hold onto when I read things like this...someone who is SO SMART and just spends all day THINKING and he gives us a hundred years?? The answers are as interesting as the question.


Deborah said...

Wonderful! Did you find any boxes? I seem to remember there were some there.

Sioux said...

Such promise! I had to look...Warren SP is on Warren Island in Penobscot Bay, correct? Wish I was there!!