Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer at Nana's house

We've had a visitor here all week. He came home with me last Sunday and will leave this afternoon after his last day of "Camp Fun and Games". Two teenage girls are running this day camp as a way to make a little money this summer and we enrolled Carey for the week. When he's not at camp, we've been doing all those fun things I used to do with my kids. Like swimming. Swimming is just more fun with kids. They can play in the water for hours and never get cold or lack things to make up. Ever had a Star Wars battle in the water? It involves helicopter droids. I never would have thought of that all by myself. And every night after dinner, nearly EVERY night, we've gone down to The Landing for ice cream. And wonder of wonders, Carey TRIED a new flavor and he LIKED IT!!! Mint chocolate chip. Imagine. We've had no homesickness bouts which for a six year old away from home for this long is pretty amazing. As a matter of fact, after trying to get him to at least call mom and dad because I knew THEY missed HIM, he finally said to me, "Why do you keep talking about my parents!" Okay, I'll never do it again.

I just knew when my kids were little the day would come when they'd be gone and right at that moment I'd stop and say enjoy THIS, don't take THIS for granted. But you still miss those times and in a way long to have them back. Then you get grandkids.

So today was the last day of camp and the grand finale was an art exhibit, complete with painted rocks and hats and what-all else little hands can create. Beth and Renee had it set out so the artists stood behind their artwork to explain to the passers-by what was what. Very cute:

And each camper got a certificate awarded especially for them...Carey's was Most Imaginative..

My project for the week was to make a guitar case for the boy rock star wanna be:

The house is so quiet now that he's gone home...but my best friend in the whole world is at this moment fighting friday night traffic through boston to spend the weekend with me. Now for some grown-up playtime!!


Kate C. said...

What fun. I want to stay at YOUR house. Hadn't read your blog in a long while. Nice to catch up. Great stuff, Kath. You see the best in your life and your world. We need more people like you around. xxoo

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh what FUN! ANd what a lucky Carey and his parents, too.... we've never even had a whole afternoon off with kids with a relative. I hope when my boys have kids that I'm young and spry and energetic enough to be a gramma like you are!

And those flowers....I thought it was an arrangement from a florist it is so beautiful! See you later today!