Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Great Wall in China (Maine)

I think the heat is zapping any energy I may have had and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. I love it, but I don't plan to accomplish a lot in the next few days. So even though I have lots of ideas in my head for new projects, that's where they'll stay till the cool refreshing winds return.

In the meanwhile I can show you our latest piece of art. Some may think it's just a stone patio, but it is truly incredible. The stone wall alone was done with the thoughtfulness and precision of a true artisan even though he's only 28.

Nate would take the longest time to find the right stone to fit with the one beside and below. And tight it is.

While Nate was doing the wall, ryan was doing the grunt work...carrying stone in, hauling soil out, then hauling gravel out, and laying the paving stones for the floor of the patio.

View from the back side.

And Nate and Ryan, standing on the near-complete stairs. To be young again, and in the prime of youth. Invincible...able to move tons of granite. The heat is really getting to me...


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Kathy...it is BEAUTIFUL...and you have your steps in! Tell the guys I agree, a work of art! NOW, to immortalize it in a quilt!

Deborah said...

Stunning! And that purple door! Swoon!