Saturday, August 26, 2006


anyone know what these orange beauties are called? I think I have a bumper crop growing on an old stump. they do look prettier than these pictures make them out to be and imagine them against a blue blue sky...a little piece of art for the day.


Sande said...

My mother, who knows mushrooms, says it might what is called a jack-o-lantern mushroom. They are poisonous and she says that on a very dark moonless night they actually will glow in the dark.

Deborah said...

Glow in the dark?! How cool is that?! You must investigate.

Kate C said...

We saw these too, on our trip to the real Maine woods this weekend. Also some bright yellow ones that looked like tiny bunches of bananas growing upwards. I used to date a micologist (mushroom science geek) but I've forgotten everything he taught me, sorry.