Thursday, December 07, 2006

I love to finish a project and see the results all snuggled in a pretty box ready for delivery. I might love it as much as red felt flower(check out her show display), though I have great intentions that sometimes never see the light of day. I made these pins for a show and sale my friends Kate and Hannah were doing and it was such a pleasure to send them off, but not before I took this picture.

The pins were in an article in Quilting Arts magazine several years ago, something like "A Hundred Pins in a Weekend", (Issue 9,:30), which speaking of, have you seen the great 2001-2006 article index in the back of the latest QA magazine? What a great idea! They've probably done it before but I don't remember ever seeing it.

Here's a closeup of the pin. Once it's done, I've attached it to a little card the same size as a business card. Actually, I use my business card program to make it and print it on Avery Clean Edge Business Card stock. It makes a pretty piece and people seem to really like them. All made from leftovers, which is the best part!


Deborah said...

I always love wearing my fabric bead pin of yours. There is also a how to in the current issue of Threads magazine about something like them. I've never seen Red Felt Flower. Wow. Makes me want to do a craft show. (!!!?)

Karoda said...

Are these the straw beads? Yours look fantastic!

Sioux said...

They are beautiful and look fantastic. What issue was the how to in?

Sioux said...

They are beautiful and look fantastic. What issue was the how to in?

Anonymous said...

Love your pins...they looked great all displayed together.

I'm interested in the QA magazine issue it the Spring 2003...#9 one?? The one I don't have...vbg?!

Very inspiring...I'll have to visit you again!

Emmy said...

wonderful pins I love them