Tuesday, December 26, 2006

One Christmas Project

I didn't make a lot of things for people this Christmas. I've given so many good and bad homemade things over the years that I've decided not to subject my friends and family to anymore for a while. So I put my efforts into the wrapping and when I felt like I just HAD to do something with fabric I made these for my co-workers. Luggage tags.

The idea is not mine, but I took it and made it better by adding some dangly things and using more than one piece of fabric. And using fancy stitches.

I used the plastic luggage tag that's put out by 3M UNITEK and stitched it to a rectangle sandwich and layed strips of fabric along the top edges to secure it. Some I made fabric ties for and some I just used the loop provided in the package.

They're about the size of a postcard and very bright, so when all those dark blue bags come rolling down the ramp, their's will stand out.


Hannah said...

Have I mentioned that I have two bags that I will be taking to China in the next few months???? Love them. Let's craft sometime soon. Hannah

Deborah said...

So clever! I want to come over and we can ALL make luggage tags.

Shelina said...

Those are so cute, and you are right, will make finding them much easier.