Thursday, January 25, 2007

Frayed Edges Monday

In case anyone missed it on her blog, here's another picture of happy Sarah holding the contract for her NEW BOOK. This is very exciting for all of us Frayed Edges, well for me anyway, since I've never seen a book go from conception to reality. It will be a kick to see the outcome. I've already seen the "proposal" and I'm just sayin' it's a work of beauty in itself.

At our Frayed Edges meeting last monday, Sarah was generous enough to share her expertise and her class material she teaches on machine quilting. We brought our machines and followed along with her instructions. I've done a lot of machine quilting, but I learned so many new things. Like wearing these:

As you can see, Sarah never quilts without them, and the dyes from the fabric on the fingers of the gloves prove it. I do 'alright' without them, but if you've ever seen her quilting, this small thing probably contributes to the fact that she wins awards. Along with the fact that she has a huge table with her machine countersunk so she can really "drive" her material all over the place...demonstration here:

You can't really see the action, but what you can see is the beautiful complementary color choice in clothing!

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Wow...and I don't look like a dolt or fat... how did that happen? You may now be my official photographer!

The felting in the next post is awesome and literal... Kath! Compared to me you work in the abstract!!!!! And the composition is awesome... LOVE IT! Can't wait to see the book,

Hugs, me