Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another Sunrise: less beautiful than the previous one. We had a chance to walk Newbury St. last night; actually, we walked from the Commons to BU, about 2 plus miles. It was a feast for the eyes. There's art everywhere, and that's just the store windows.

Most of the displays have some sort of 'red' theme, because of the upcoming special day. And the clothes...I feel like Dorothy when she said "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto".

The ballet, well, Contemporary Ballet, which was the purpose of our trip, was PHENOMENAL. Complexions Contemporary Ballet. And of course Ian was best. This small company of dancers was incredible, each individual bringing a different professional background to bear on their performance. Ian has a strong traditional ballet background as did some of the others, but one of the guys had no professional training and you could see the street dancing/rap flavor to his moves. It was fast, energetic, and sometimes disjointed, a little too modern, (translate abstract,and if you read this blog you know how much I love abstract), but the last piece, set to the music of Marvin Gaye was jazzy, and a heart pumping joy to watch. Makes me smile just to think about it. 13 gorgeous bodies moving in perfect synchronicity.

More exploring today ending at the Science Museum. I'm really disappointed to think we are too late to see the special exhibit of the cadavers...I would have liked that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy - haven't visited your blog for a while, but I knew you'd have something to say about Ian's show! How fantastic was that? We saw it with Maureen and Keith last month, and we're planning on going again in May. I loved that show so much! Hope you had a nice visit. Were you able to connect w/Hannah? Did you get to go to dinner with Ian? Sounds like you had a great time in Boston...Love to Bruce!

Frederique said...

What a beautiful sewing machine!!
I added your blog in my blogroll, a large list of quilting blogs.