Saturday, June 09, 2007

Beach Bags

I've made a birthday gift for a friend. The pretty purple hat sticking out of the top of the bag was the inspiration for the colors, and since she now has a new beach hat, I thought a bag would be nice too. And I don't think a person can have enough bags, frankly.
I had a few little scraps feft over and some of these beautiful beads that Hannah shared with us so I made another little bag for Loel's little granddaughter who will undoubtedly help her open her gifts, so a surprise tucked under the big one. I used Sarah's easy method for sewing up the sides and having the lining material show.
And the button. Love it!


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Those are WONDERFUL! And I love that button too... I forget, where did you find those? Was it up in Nova Scotia? Good work... a good idea improved!

Hugs, Sarah

PS--went by lot 11...woohoo... will it have a view? Looks like the hill drops off and you just might!

Deborah said...

So cute cute cute! Reminds me a bit of DJ Pettit's bags. Have you seen her blog?

Amy said...

My personal goal/dream is to have a bag and a pair of shoes for each outfit. ;)