Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacation Fish Painting

Sometimes you do projects with kids and it's a bust and sometimes it works like a well that the adults want to get in on the action too! Everyone was a little horrified with the fact that we'd use a real fish...purchased from a bait store freezer. I couldn't face catching a fish and just letting it gasp it's last breath on the dock at my feet, though I have no problem putting live lobsters in boiling water.
Anyone who works with kids and crafts knows the best things happen when everything is organized and ready to go so the kids just have to arrive and do their thing. And it never hurts to have a few tootsie rolls hanging around for fuel.

So here are Bridget and Keilly, (top) and Ella (bottom) carefully painting their fishies. There were plenty of adults hanging around to help with the 'transfer part", actually getting it onto their t-shirts. Of course we had to wait for the paint to dry and the kids scattered so I never got a group photo, but the results were pretty nice:

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Jennifer said...

These are great, these fish prints. There are places that sell rubber fish made especially for making fish prints from in case you don't want to use real fish....