Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Little Flowers

I love to have special cards on hand for little notes and what not (is that a "Maineism?"). I spent one very delightful day making these.


Karen said...

these are such happy cards! Such a good idea to always have a few post cards on hand.

Starfishdoc said...

I arrived at your site when I searched for Art Quilts Maine. I was stunned by the fact that like you are into fabric arts and a virgo, and live in the next town. I'm in Windsor. Not only that, but we used the same template for our blogs. Hope you'll take a look at mine: I think we share some sensibilities, and wonder if you'd like to meet sometime.
PS Love the flower cards!

Starfishdoc said...

That should have said "like me you are a virgo".

Anonymous said...

Haven't visited your blog for a bit, and enjoyed returning this morning! Let's talk soon

Bridget said...

I love these