Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tikal- Guatemala

I've never been to any of these places, but it's nice to be able to travel this way! When I work on a square I find myself thinking about the timelessness of some of these ancient sites. It's a cheap way to travel. Not completely fulfilling, but cheap nonetheless. I also find myself solving all my personal problems, not that I have that many, but sometimes things, family things, come to my thoughts. Father remarrying. Yikes! Sometimes these conversations in my head are so intense, I can look at a quilt I did 10 years ago and remember what I was thinking when I made it. Weird. But I'm sure it happens to others as well. It's a contemplative craft, quilting, when you're not measuring. Maybe THAT'S my problem!! :)

Tikal National Park in Guatemala is still being excavated today, and excavation only started in 1956. Not that long ago. Of course my little square does not do justice to the grandeur of this structure, but that would be hard to do under any circumstances. For what it's worth :

And the overview of the last section, again, a little "patch" of some pipers on the cliffs in Iceland used as a filler.

They look a bit washed out now but hopefully jump out with some machine quilting added.

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Starfishdoc said...

Doesn't do justice? Nonsense! I am in awe of your work, especially your obvious romance with bright colors. I'm sure the recipient will be delighted with the results.