Saturday, December 01, 2007

Charlotte's Advent Calendar

Back in 2005 I made advent calendars for all my young nieces and nephews, and grandson Carey. Bruce and I filled them with little gifts picked up over the year. And every year since we still find and wrap 25 little gifts (thank goodness for the bins by the checkout at Joanne's and Michaels!) for 9 kids. Delivered by the first of December so parents can fill the pockets. Here are a few of them so you can see:

And now Charlotte. She was just a baby during the making of these, but now she's almost three and would certainly contemplate why her big brother can open a present a day, so, a new calendar for Charlotte. She has a delightful video story of a little girl who asks her daddy to get the moon for her, so this is based on that story. Besides, MOON might have been one of her very first words.

Off to deliver it today! Starting tomorrow I'm HOPING to have a holiday greeting and photo a day from now till christmas. Sort of an advent calendar for all my loyal readers (all 6 of you!) Stay tuned! In the meantime, stay warm.


Heidi said...

I love it. Bridget had a great time deciding what gift was going in what pocket. Today was the first day to open one, a soccer ball whistle. Thanks Kathy!!!

Laur said...

Really, Kath... one of these times I think I'm not going to be surprised at your talent, creativity and thoughtfulness, but it's not this time. You've outdone yourself. Again. Thanks. :)