Friday, February 29, 2008

Summer dreaming....

Every summer we rent a cottage on the coast and our whole family, brothers, sisters, kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews of all ages enjoy playing together. Part of my enjoyment on these long, cold winter days is thinking up things to do. Whether we ever do them or not doesn't matter, but it certainly gets me through these snow filled days. I have made these little journals for anyone that wants one. The idea came from the beautiful little thank you card I received from my friend Deborah on which she had sewn two simple little leaves to a piece of white card stock. Of course I had to try it, too. I just added many pages of colored paper and called it a book.

So it's called: "hot sticky buns and journal drawing at our cottage every morning". The fresh out-of-the-oven sticky buns will be the lure for some ( I have a great overnight cinnamon rolls recipe) and the paints and colored pencils will do it for others. It's a way to get the kids involved in the creative side of life before they head off for their very active swimming/gaming/biking/whatever day!


teri springer said...

So Kathy- where on the coast?? Anywhere near Old Orchard Beach??


Heidi said...

Both the sticky buns and the journals will do it for Bridget. She still keeps a journal off and on already so this is up her ally.