Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm having so much fun getting ready for our extended family vacation. Not extended vacation (which is what life feels like to me now that I'm retired!) but extended family. I think at last count there were over 30 of us for dinner on any given night. And lots of kids. They certainly don't need to be entertained, but they don't mind it now and then. So, a while back I could feel my creative juices start to overflow and remembered the "Sixtyopoly" game featured in Cloth, Paper and Scissors. I decided to make up my own game for little kids, one that would have no right and wrong answers, one that used their imaginations to fuel the game. So out came "OUTRAGEOUS!!" Making the game was the easy part; figuring the purpose and play options was harder. But I started to make these cards that the kids draw when they land on a particular square and the goal seemed to come of it's own. Using pictures and things from family events of the past, I put some questions to them and the kids will have to either make up a story or answer the question any way they like. No right or wrong, just silliness.

The cards say things like "What just happened?" and shows my brother with fogged up glasses, or a sign we saw in Ireland of a car going over the edge and the card says "What does this mean?" Funny. Silly. I'm hoping for lots of giggles.

The board is scraps of paper from magazines and on several there is a pink dot. If you land on that square you choose a pink card. If you land on a green dot....I haven't decided yet. Suggestions?

And everyone will have their own game piece. I still have a few to go and a little more 'fancying up' to do on these, but it's nearly done and ready for our BIG WEEK!!!

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Deborah said...

Oh my gooness! So fantastic!