Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sticky Buns and Journal Writing

We're back from our fabulous family vacation. I'm one of the lucky ones who has 7 brothers and sisters and each has a spouse or significant other who all like each other so we all spend a week together in Bayside on the coast of Maine. I posted this winter about something I was planning on doing with all the kids while we were there- journaling our week. So I made journals for everyone, baked sticky buns and froze them, gathered doo-dahs and crayons, markers and glue and packed everything to go. What a fun way to start the day! By eight o'clock I had between 4 and 12 people drawing, writing and eating! I was so surprised at how much time the little kids spent on their journals, first decorating them and then thinking of things to write about.

We had little kids like Charlotte and Ella:

And Katherine and Bridget:

And big boys who very possibly only came for the sticky buns and white donuts, though they did make an effort the first morning :)

And white donuts. Why do kids like white donuts????

The writings and drawings were inspired by what happened the day before and what was to come. Such a nice vacation! And now back to reality and my studio.

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