Saturday, September 13, 2008

Read It!!!

I'm enthralled with this book. Garth Stein wrote it. Whoever would have thought I'd read, and ENJOY a book written from the viewpoint of a dog? I've been listening to this as I do tedious machine quilting on a new piece and I love it. My daughter gave it to me months ago, and I really put off listening to it thinking it was just going to be another sad ending, dog dies(as they do) story I didn't think I wanted to experience. But my enthusiasm for this book equals that I had for Water For Elephants which up to now has been my very favorite book this century. I find myself laughing and at the same time, surprising even me, find tears in my eyes. I promise you, if you read this, you'll never look at a dog in the same way again. And for an even greater treat, listen to it. The reader, Christopher Evan Welch, is talented and reads with perfect inflection and voice changes.

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Wow. I'll add it to my list.