Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Another art form

Check out this link:

for a look into artistic talent in the form of dance and choreography. My energetic, artistic, handsome, sweet, and very talented nephew Ian is in Sydney, Australia working with Azure Barton (same adjectives apply except instead of handsome, substitute lovely) on this ballet, put together, FROM SCRATCH, in only 6 weeks. To make a 2 dimensional piece of art in that time seems reasonable, but 3 dimensional or more (things MOVE, no one stays STILL, it all needs to be DIRECTED) seems unbelievable. 'Course this is a new concept to me so of course it seems unwieldy. The clip shows stills of the dance as well as Azure speaking about her creation process. If you're in the area....


Kate Cutko said...

I assume your neohew is the dashing dancer in black, right?

How exciting. You are surely, clearly, proud.

Ian said...

its been an amazing experience... cant wait to catch up for xmas!!!

heres a little clip of the show..

love ian