Monday, November 17, 2008


Can you believe how cute these are? These are the results of the workshop I held at our local library tonight. Needlefelting is so cool.


Kathie said...

I wish I lived near you!
I love snowmen, this would have been such a fun class for me!
they are all just so adorable

Del said...

I agree with Kathie - GREAT snow people! Are these done with the hand felting needles? Or partially by felting machine (I don't think you can do balls on the machine!)? How about an online video class?
Del in SCalifornia

jeri said...

I took a needle felting class a week or so ago. I loved it. We made little pumpkins and leaves. Oh, so cute. I love your snowmen. Were all of these made by you or were they the efforts of the whole class?

I got suckered into a new craft. Just what I needed!

tainterturtles said...

So you taught this class at a public library? How great. Wish you could come to my library in female patrons would love to learn how to make those cute snowmen.