Monday, February 02, 2009

What I'm doing today:

1. Trying to make online State Park Reservations, with no success. Today is the first day to get the park, site, and date you'd like to camp this summer. System errors. So to the phone. Busy. Redial for going on 3 hours now.

2. Finishing my tea cozy. This is made from felt I made and embroidered. I'm liking the texture and feel, colors and versatility of this material.

Yesterday when I went out for my walk I saw a pair of snow buntings, a bird I've never seen here in Maine.

It doesn't look like the little bird on my cozy, but was certainly the inspiration.

3. Making something called Toasted Monkey's Delight that I saw on Jenny Doh's blog for a special dessert, because it will be a cause for celebration, or a reason to buy a lottery ticket, if I EVER get through to make my reservations!

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