Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's been a while since I posted last and I can't tell you what I've been doing, exactly, except to say that since I've stopped working I've found time. You know, that thing you always say, "I can't seem to find the time", to do that, get there, finish this. You get the picture. I love it, all this time and I do count myself as one very lucky girl. So, I finally 'found the time' to reupholster the chair with the fabric I bought 6 months ago. It's not the best job I've ever done, but it'll work since the chair itself is a bit on the broken side (I think it must have fallen off a truck at some point in it's life and broke a leg, not to mention an arm so that amputation was necessary). Not bad for $5 at a yard sale.

We're off to Florida for a week of warm sunshine and fresh fruit. And when we return, we'll be that much closer to spring and sun in Maine.

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