Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little Birds

Going through a rough patch, but these birds do make me happy. I started out with a piece of napkin, that new heavy stuff that's sort of like soft lutrador but isn't, and slapped some paint on in the shape of a bird as it turns out. Then I just added things with no forethought. I put some scraps together in a cigar box, along with thread and floss and took it on vacation. It was relaxing handwork.

The background is an old organza curtain with the white leaf pattern already on it. Embroidery stitches, textured fabrics, paint and buttons.

I went to an artist lecture this weekend. The artist, Brian White, a very unassuming young man who does sculpture with found objects and fresco. He said a lot of things but the one thing I remember was his answer to the question someone posed about being called an artist. He said,"I used to be very uncomfortable about being called an artist until my art started to 'say something'. Before that, it was just pretty pictures." There have been so many conversations about this very subject and as many viewpoints, but this seemed to ring true and simple for me. Something to ponder.


Terry said...

Wonderful birds. Why do we love the birds so much? Peaceful, cheerful, free, I guess.

Hannah C Beattie said...

Love them. Can I just come and study with you. I want to learn how to embroider the way you do. I also seem to love birds. LOVE THEm. How lucky am I that you are in my art group. Hannah

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Kathy, the birds are wonderful. I particularly like the hand embroidery that you added. I love those long stitches on the rust colored bird!