Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm still here!!

I have so many loose ends in my life right now, things seem a bit overwhelming. Nothing bad, but just thins I can't come to closure with, you know? And I NEED that. Tie up loose ends. Cross it off my list. So, consequently, I feel stuck. It's all my own doing, you know, in my HEAD, thinkin too much. And because of it, and because I'm here now, I'm goin to move forward, my new mantra will be "DON'T THINK SO MUCH".

It doesn't help that my 'g' key is stuck. A metaphor, perhaps?

On another more upbeat note, we just spent the weekend in Bar Harbor. We had a little bit of every kind of weather, rain, sun, warm, cold. And we were there for one and a half days only. The highlight might have been the Azalea Gardens at the Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor. IF you ever come to Maine check it out. It's stunning any time of year, but especially now when the flowers are blooming.

I've put toether a little travel kit of supplies that I take with me in case I get the urge to do some spontaneous handwork. (see the little birds I made a few posts ago). I'm finding it challenging to create these pieces from nothing, except what I have in my box. Recreating what I see by looking at a scene and without drawing anything, just cutting fabric scraps and sewing it all by hand. And trying to do it within the time I sit there. I mention this because in the new Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studio magazine is an article titled,"You can take it with you", travel kits. As soon as I tidy mine up a bit, I'll snap a picture and post it tomorrow. How's that for selfmotivation to post sooner rather than later?

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