Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trouble Focusing

It's a rainy, dreary day here in Maine, the kind of day you hunker inside and keep the fire going. And take stock of all the projects one has going on. For instance, I have 4 new books that when I ordered them I VOWED to myself that I was going to go through them and DO THE EXERCISES. Have I? I've looked at them. The end.

So then, I find an old book of embroidery stitches at the library and think I'm going to make a sampler and LEARN these stitches once and for all....this is it so far.

So then, after not seeing the results I want, I have moved on to papier mache. Papier mache??? I have a lot to learn, but probably won't because I don't have the patience these days.

(I think it will be a pumpkin.)

So on to knitting. This has been very rewarding. I can sit and knit and watch an episode of Lost and before you know it I have a finished mitten. OR sock. Maybe I should just stick with that.

Short attention span. Wonder what it is I'm trying to avoid??? Need to think about this.


Joanne S said...

I love the paper mache. Did you get the idea from Judy Wise? Her dolls are fantastic but made from Sculpty.

I bought a large package of Sculpty, intending to make a doll of my own and I want to do some "Slow Cloth" embroidery like Jude Hill and paint fabric like the two English women who wrote the book I purchased.

Deja vu, all over again,huh?

Jeannie said...

Are you my sister seperated at birth?! I laughed as I read your post because I purchased 2 of the books with the same good intentions and result. I have one mitten finished, dyed fabric to be ironed, and the list goes on. I am like a squirrel storing up projects for "snow days". Have a great weekend.

Heidi L Lynch said...

We want mittens. I love knit mittens.

HollyM said...

I have at least a dozen projects on the go at eh moment. Last week my mind was racing so fast with ideas, I had to quit. Like you that's when I have to resort to the more meditative knitting.
For me , I think there's a hormone connection.