Sunday, February 07, 2010


Every afternoon I try to get out and walk for an hour. Sometimes I walk along the road, but in the winter there's too much to explore. I'll be walking along the road and suddenly a snowmobile trail will shoot off across a field and disappear into the woods. Hmmm. It's like discovering a whole new world that was there all the time. And quiet. In Julia Cameron's book, Vein of Gold, she talks about walking meditation. It's just that, meditating while moving. I've solved a lot of design problems on this deserted narrow gauge railroad bed, leaving some work or another on my design wall in exchange for a breath of fresh air. I always come back refreshed and calm. A bit tired sometimes, but always a bit better than when I walked out the door.


Joanne S said...

Makes me wish I lived further outside the town limits. riley would enjoy walking on this pictured path. Me, too.

HollyM said...

I'm going to look for the book. I 'had' to get out today too. I'd love to get out everyday-- I try for every second day at least--but it's hard when you're working full time. today my friend and i walked in the woods for 2 hours. It was wonderful!