Friday, February 22, 2013

Blueberries in Winter

We have a lot of blueberry fields here in Maine. And any time of the year, they are beautiful. Summer green with big fat berries, fall red stretching over acres and then add white snow in winter. Beautiful. So, after passing this field so many times I decided to make it my next project. I started out with a plain piece of white cotton and after a quick sketch,  added colors here and there.

From there I started adding threads, many, many layers of colors. My new machine is so nice, my first Janome and makes it so easy.


Remember, I'm just learning this technique so don't compare the (not so great) photo with the finished piece. As with everything, the more you do the more you learn and I AM learning. At least I think I am.

After adding some finishing touches by hand, I finally called it done.


HollyM said...

Love your new header, from the pony tail, great idea! I think you've done a great job! Have you seen work at

It's similar and she works small but with intense stitching.

Marti said...

This is it!! Great stitching, great sense of the barrens!

LoieJ said...