Saturday, January 21, 2006

Boston in the Spring??

Beautiful papers!

My good friend Kim was giving a presentation to the Harvard orthodontic students yesterday so a few of us went along to give her some moral support, not that she needed it. We took the 8:30 bus out of Portland and the 4:15 home...a quick trip but so worth a few hours in beautiful Boston. January 20th and not a drop of snow anywhere and it must have been in the 50's. There were people everywhere in just their shirt sleeves. Anyway, I found time to go to my favorite store on Boylston St., The Paper Source and found these three beauties. I think they're going to be valentines. How I chose these three is beyond me, what with the huge selection. I could have spent more time there but we had to leave so we could start our two hour lunch at the Four Seasons and still make the 4:15. How decadent and expensive (and I'm not talking the money's all about calories these days). Lobster Parfait---caramel banana brownie sundae with fresh strawberries. Never again. Too much.

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