Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More of Dancing at Sunset

So I HAVE been quilting, a little here , a little there. It has been a challenging piece to work on...first because of the painted fabric and the stiffness of it. I decided I didn't want to take any chances with machine quilting and the possibility of having to rip it out if Ididn't like it...once holes are made in this painted fabric they'll be there for all future generations to see forever! So, I did a seed stitch through the layers and will probably add another color to the pink/salmon one already there.

I also did a fern stitch in some of the borders, not sure you'll be able to see the detail I hope will show:

And then I did a little embroidery around the seed square, and added beads to the 'roots' of the trees.

I'm not sure how I feel about this quilt now...it's so hard to see the quilting unless you're right on top of it...even then you have to look REALLY closely. I'm just going to finish it and put it away for awhile. Distance always works for me.


Deborah said...

Oh I need to see the full shot again... but these details are wonderful! Great job.

Scrapmaker said...

Very nice details. Think of them as a little treat for the viewer who ventures close. Jen

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I'm with Jen....the subtle details are the reward for the viewer who comes for a closer look! Cheers, Sarah

Hannah said...

I agree with Deborah...I want to see a full shot. Love your work. The comments you leave others are also so thoughtful. Glad you have a blog.