Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Art of Dance

I have a very special nephew who is incredibly talented. When Ian graduated from high school he had to decide which direction he wanted to head in. He could play tennis or he could dance. His mother (my sister) and father are both dancers and run this company. He's been on stage since he was very young. At the same time he excelled in tennis and was the state champion his senior year. He chose dance and has been at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts for the last 3 years.(They only accept 30 for each class). He graduates in May and has just landed a summer job with Mikhail Baryshnikov and his dance company. So, are we surprised? No. Are we proud? You bet!! He and I spent a day together at Christmastime and talked about his PASSION for the art of dance, the creative part we all experience when we get lost in the moment, when you make something out of feeling or out of nothing. He's got it, and I love to see it in him! He's had the most interesting teachers and some very interesting classes...in one class they had to interpret an Andy Goldsworthy work. Imagine that.

Check out this move:

Look at those legs! Who'd think those were under the baggy hip hugging (or hip falling off) jeans he wears!

Guys are in pretty short supply when it comes to ballet, but really, where else do you get to hang out with beautiful girls, keep your body in top physical shape and wow people with your dance moves?!

So, if you're in the NYC area and want to see some great dance, hit the Tisch School of Arts, 2nd Ave. Dance Company, March 30th - April 3rd. "Major Concert"

And one more thing...you HAVE to check out my fellow 'Frayed Edger' Deborahs blog and see what all she's done this time!!!

So, if one uses a blog to brag, does that make it a brog? (That's from Bruce for all you who know his humor!)


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Wowza.....too bad I'm not young and single! Did you know I used to do ballet? Took with San Francisco Ballet company until I was 15 or 16. Had to decide on college or ballet company. Was good enough to be corps de ballet, but probably not (and too large anyway) to be a lead, so opted for college instead of bunions and washed-up by 25!

The link to his parents' company took me to a microsoft site???

See you Friday! Sarah

Elle said...

Very cool! You can't help but be proud of him!