Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Morning Walks

I've been enjoying reading everyone's blogs these past few nights when I get home from work and collapse on the couch. It's about all I can accomplish, although when I leave for work at 6:30am I have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for my evenings. Like working out or at the least walking a couple of miles. But, the couch. And a glass of wine. And the bag of chips. Oh my. So, this morning I instituted my "if you can't do it at night do it in the morning" routine of a couple years ago. I got up with the cows and walked in the nearly full moonlight. And here it is 5:15, I've walked 3 miles, and STILL have lots of energy.

I live in the country so walking right up the yellow line is not a problem and it feels kind of rebellious in a weird sort of way, right up the middle. I'm such a rule breaker! Anyway, when I was in this routine a few years ago, I made a small piece that tried to capture the dark, the houses I passed, the stillness and peace at that time of the morning. The words say " Walking in the dark, planning her day...looking for authenticity." I'm not sure where the last part came from or exactly what it means...I think I heard it somewhere and said to myself oooohh, that sounds meaningful, I think I'll use it!

For the more experienced eye you can certainly see the Deanna Hartman influence...and isn't her work beautiful. Inspiring, as all you fellow bloggers works are inspiring to me. So, thanks for the excuse to sit on my couch with wine and chips!

P.S. And what about this:

This farmhouse is just down the road from me and is stunning in any season, but particularly in the winter moonlight. Lucky me.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh my...Paul may yet get me to move out into the countryside, what a beautiful photo of the moon over the farm!

And I love your quilt too!!! But getting *home* after walking 3 miles, and it is only 5 am? Yep, you're a Mainer....the land of the early-risers. Will I ever be a Mainer if I don't rise hours before dawn?

Hugs, Sarah

Joanne S said...

Love the quilt and the photo. Such lovely stitching of the words.

I've been on the couch with pretzels and the Olympics.

jenclair said...

I love your quilt and the idea behind it! Stitching and beads - delicious to the eye and to the fingers (mine are itching to touch).

And wonderful photo!

Deborah said...

That picture makes me think of you -- beautiful, calm, inspiring.

Scrapmaker said...

Wow, great quilt, beautiful photo. Looks a bit cold! Jen

Diane said...

Ooh, I love this picture!

Elle said...

What a beautiful photo. The quilt is too!