Friday, February 10, 2006

So Nice

I have a son and a daughter, 32 and 28. When they were young I would plan these wonderful art projects like making valentines or decorations for holidays. We'd start out at the table and usually within 5 minutes I'm sitting there all by myself making wonderful art projects. I loved it actually (alone time) but there's always the dark side. Sarah was/is very talented and me being the ever encouraging mother tried to promote this side of her, but she was just too busy with other things to do much artwork. But now she has taken up knitting. I tried ONE MORE TIME one christmas two years ago and bought some yarn, needles and a book. The yarns are so much fun these days, and she really got into it. She made scarves and scarves and more scarves...beautiful colors and textures. She had so much leftover yarn, she decided to do some squares and put them together. And this is part of her project that she is very proud of.

So now that she's mastered the square and rectangle, I'm going to encourage her to branch out and try something NEW. All of you expert knitters...what's next?? Advice please!

Get ready Sarah, are you reading this? Next year's christmas presents, coming up!


Deborah said...

What a fun blanket. I bet it's really cuddly!

Joanne S said...

My Tuesday co-worker took up knitting. Her FIRST project--a sock. She's doing great. Last I saw it the sock had a top and was getting a heel. Then into the foot and finally the toe. So hopefully on Tuesday I'll get to see THE sock.

Debra said...

The only thing I knit is socks. I went from swatching to that. So, I think it's time for socks!!

(if you can knit and purl it's all you need). Get Addi Turbo circular needles and find the basic sock directions online. Simple, and very useable. AND, while one might have too many scarves, everybody uses socks.

Lori said...

How about knitting socks.
I learned how to knit by making socks. They're really easier than you think. I have 7 pairs and am now making a sweater.