Saturday, April 01, 2006

Living in Maine we're always surprised when the weather turns nice in March. I think this is the first time I can ever remember raking and REALLY being warmed by the sun. How banal, talking about the weather. But it IS truly amazing! Raking...and I have a bandaid to prove it! (Sorry it's so dark. And wrinkly)

Elastigirl for Deborah! I just looked back in her archives for a picture of the BEST Christmas card I ever saw and I can't believe she never blogged about it. I was going to link to it, but guess not. Her family was dressed up as the Incredibles: Jeff was Mr. Incredible, she was Elastigirl, Benjamin was Dash and Claire was Violet. Very creative and clever of our Deborah.

I've taken a break from my Ireland piece to work on some commission pieces that need to be done in a couple of months. An artist friend of mine has 13 seniors in her art classes and as a departing gift she wants to give each one a personalized sketchbook. So, I've been making covers for all of them. So far I have four in different stages of finish. They've been fun, relaxing and each one is like taking a quick gulp of fresh air. I'll have pictures soon. In the meantime, our Art Quilts Maine meeting is today so I'm sure there'll be lots to see here soon!!

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Deborah said...

Elastigirl, here! It's true I don't think I ever blogged about that Christmas card. It was a riot. The notebook covers sound so wonderful -- ans what an amazing gift. I can't wait to see them. (And hear about AQM.)