Sunday, April 02, 2006

AQM on Saturday

Our bi-monthly quilt meeting was this past saturday and even though we had a small turnout, there was lots of creativity going around. One of our very talented members, Hilary Ervin had proposed a doll workshop. We were all supposed to bring a naked doll made from the pattern she had circulated last meeting.

Everyone who brought a doll body also brought lots of "stuff", beads, fabric scraps, yarns and other embellishments. The results:

This doll is the only one from a different pattern. Check out that bra!

And this has a nice little derrier fashioned from the heel of the sock!

Beads used in different ways.

Only the beginning for a lot of people who wanted to add more doo-dahs to their doll. As always the talk while everyone worked in their "creative zone" was as good as anything else. Unfortunately, (in one sense) I had to leave early so I missed show and tell. BUT WAIT!

One of our most prolific members who leaves each winter for warmer weather was back and I made her give me a sneak preview. Jeanne Marie Robinson has a knack for pieced backgrounds and appliquing the best stuff on top. A love of animals and the natural environment is very evident in her work, so this is a small piece of her show and tell. Everything is HAND appliqued and HAND quilted. And I didn't get a picture of the BACKS, but they're always as beautiful as the fronts! Her husband helps her come up with the best titles for her work, too.

Split Poissonality, This started out as Hopscotch and TicTacToe piecework with Diane Hire who I can't believe doesn't have a website.
And this one is called Fondue on the Hoof:

The Maine quilt show special exhibit this year is the Lobster and this is Jeanne Marie's entry, well, a piece of it. Remember I was getting a SNEAK PEAK!


I love Jeanne Marie's work and I love being related to so much talent, even if it is by marriage! And speaking of family, this:

is why I left the meeting early, a pretty good reason if I do say so myself, but more about that tomorrow.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

You're related to Jeanne-Marie???? Even by marriage! All sorts of interesting things to learn! And for all readers, Jeanne-Marie's quilts are amazing, and she is SO prolific .....I'd guess a dozen good-sized quilts every year!

The family looks wonderful...what a perfect day it was for a get-out-and-play too.... now, if I can ever get over this flu-bug (which has turned into a sinus infection... I get SO bored with this routine!), I can go play!

Hugs, Sarah

Scrapmaker said...

The doll making activity looks like fun. I love Jeanne Marie's quilts, thanks for sharing them.