Thursday, April 27, 2006


Here in Maine this year we've been given a gift of no snow cover in March or April, thus extra TIME to get all those gardening chores done BEFORE the black flies invade...and they're starting. Just last sunday when we were hiking they were all around us, but I understand the males come first, and they're just irritating, then the females, and they're the ones that bite. Hmmm...Back to my point. This:

These are on top of the clean laundry pile. My favorite pair of jeans. Having knees like this is like wearing a badge of honor. To me. If I put a couple of rips in them, maybe I can sell them to Old Navy and make a mint.

Getting away from the still dirty laundry and on to other news, Ian (my wildly soon to be famous nephew has made the paper again, here. I read this and weeped, for his accomplishments, for my age. Because if he's old enough to be called a "Brewer Man", I'm really old.

But I got over it. I went shopping and found a DEAL. These:

Which I'm turning into these:

These are my "flower series" and I'm also doing a "house series" that will look something like this:

The cards are 5x7, a beautiful creamy white tri-fold, and come with a matching envelope...gotta love Marden's, our 'local to Maine' discount store. They're motto is, "I should have bought it when I saw it at Marden's. They're isn't a Mainer around who can't put the tune to it!

So, if anyone wants to purchase one or several, I'm going to sell them for $4 a piece. Just email me ( go to my profile at the top of this page) and I'll send them right off to you.


lovegreendog said...

we're already picking ticks off :(

congratulations on your nephew's success.

your cards are very sweet!

Elle said...

What a great idea!

Joanne S said...

Oh, I KNEW when I saw the price tag that it was Marden's. Now that you've posted--everyone will have snapped them up and I WANT some.

They are seriously darling. This could be a business like Mary Englebreit. You could be famous!!! And RICH!

Joanne S said...

I got some cards at my Marden's in Lewiston. Not with the darling square but with a heart shape and scallops on the top and bottom edge. I think I will cut a square hole where the heart is--or a rectangle. I'm happy!

Julaine said...

The cards are wonderful! I often find unique frames, etc. at local discount places, too...I love it!!!