Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm exhausted this morning and I just got up. I didn't go to bed that late either, but yesterday afternoon work felt like the 'power hour' that went on for 4. And other stuff too. Stuff. It happens. But what I have to look forward to today is a mammogram and a day with my daughter. Time with sarah will be fun, the mammogram just a necessity. I feel like spending money.

This is a piece of my new hanging.

What do you suppose is going on here, those who have more experience with different battings and their idiosyncracies. This is warm and natural and is it rippling because of the batting itself? or because there's fabric fused to it? I found a post on Melody's blog discussing what all she does to her batting before she lays her fabric on top of it, and I thought I took extra care to press it carefully, but then this. I didn't want to do a stippling stitch in this area, but it seems thats the only solution to this now. Any help for future projects? BTW, I've NOT noticed this when I've used cotton fabric on top....this is one of Melody's beautiful silks I had leftover.

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Can't wait to see it in the real, but alas haven't a clue why it's rippling..... looking forward to other replies!

Cheers, and see you soon, Sarah