Sunday, May 14, 2006

As Promised

Here it is monday after a very nice Mother's Day. Two packages waiting for me.

Doesn't this look like it could be a beautiful quilt design? And this one from my daughter who loves to give things in baskets:

Everyone is gone now, and the house is so quiet. We have absolutely gorgeous weather here, but in southern Maine and seacoast New Hampshire they're having a little trouble with rain and big time flooding. Sarah arrived home to at least a foot of water in her basement for the first time ever. And no hot water, but what's worse is the dilemma of what to do. Hard to be so far away sometimes...

On my last post I had promised the final several pictures of the books I've been here goes.

Very simple Calla Lily on a turquoise background...the colors are much better in real life and you can't see the beading around the outside. I think I need a better camera that takes close up pictures.

This one uses both painted and hand dyed fabrics along with commercial fabrics.

On Stephanie's I wanted to use this great Kaffe Fasset fabric I've been hoarding and NOT using. Also used an illustration in a book by Tricia Gould that I found for cheap. Cheap enough to use for collaging. She won't be able to wask this but doubt if she would anyway.

Amy's bookcover is based on the sunflowers she loves, using applique, embroidery and painted, stamped fabric.

I love this one up close. The colors are gorgeous, (one of Melody's hand dyed silks is the squigglys).

Another with mixed media: paper collage, embellishments and the black and green are so nice together.

This last one is all sparkly threads that don't show up very well but there are beads and good stuff appreciated close up.


Joanne S said...

Now I've had some photo success by turning off the flash. Daylight is still bright enough to get a good shot but without the flash I seem to get more detail, less glare.

these books are wonderful, I especially liked the mixed media and the sunflower. Great job!

Kate C. said...

Your post was a visual treat. Happy Mothers Day, Kath. The books are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing about your Mom, too.