Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rainy Day Finds

So what if it's raining and I have the day off. I decided to take off on an adventure to see what I could find in the rain. (Ulterior motive aside).

A little white water, but I loved the smoothness before it falls off the edge.

I stuck to the back roads, preferably back roads I'd never been on. This road is called Appleton Ridge and looks out over the valley and, on a clear day, the ocean beyond. And a tree farm with all the trees marching up the hill:

These trees are gorgeous even in the rain, line and repetition for our Deborah.

And then there was color!! Bright and cheery color:

Of COURSE I bought something:

See those fishes in the basket? One of them is on my counter right now, waiting for a home.

But at the end of my rainy day I found THIS:

Our very own Sarah Ann Smith (playing with her Tableau sheep) and handing over a WHOLE BOLT of PFD fabric just for me!!

And perfect timing...the SUN is out and so am I to work in the garden mud!


Deborah said...

So fun! I just love reading about your days.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Teeheee! I don't hate the photo of me...it's a small miracle! Now...where is that shop with all the wonderful colors, where you bought the fishy?

Love the photo of the trees for Deborah...my kind of photo, too!

Hugs, Sarah