Thursday, May 18, 2006

Short little post turned longer than I thought.

I've been working on several things but managed to squeeze this shirt in as a gift for our friend Churchill who has finished 3 years of schooling at the local technical college. No easy feat since he is from Cameroon and has come up against more roadblocks than you can shake a stick at. But, he has triumphed and has been accepted at RIT for the next adventure. He's living with our closest neighbors who met him while they were in Cameroon with Doctors Without Borders. Churchill was the 'electrician' at the 'hospital' David was working in. So there's a big graduation party tonight in churchill's honor, and I made this shirt. Without a pattern. I used a lot of my own hand-dyed fabrics for the pieces and mostly used gold thread for the quilting. And the best detail shot I could get with my camera limitations...or are they mine?!

I also decided I couldn't just let this photo go by the wayside because I think it's just so darn cute...not that I'm prejudiced or anything. Mother's Day weekend. Good family friends for a BBQ. Charlotte, my little granddaughter and Annie, best friends granddaughter attacking the guacamole!! Who woulda thought???! Check out the serious look on their faces..they were INTO it!

They lit into it like there was no tomorrow. Homemade of course.


Karoda said...

Annie and her friend remind me of a commercial where a little boy says "this is serious business here" :)

The shirt is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I'll bet Churchill is going to LOVE this shirt (who wouldn't?). And guacamole IS serious business...I mean it is a big deal to transport a chip the size of your itty bitty hand all the way to your mouth without dumping it on the carpet LOL! SO CUTE,
Hugs, Sarah