Friday, June 09, 2006

All About Flowers

It's all about flowers today. And why something as beautiful and as intricate as a peony blossom lasts for such a short time. (Someone said that peonies are stupid because they don't like to be transplanted, though Laurel and I have done that a few times with great success; I tend to think they run more along the masochistic line...the only flower that once it blooms, it's head immediately falls down to the ground) And the smell...a few years ago I had a virus and lost my sense of smell. Interesting post all on it's own. Slowly I've gotten some of it back, but not to the point of intensity, like burying your nose in and going 'ahhhhh'!!! Well, these beautiful peonies were the first thing I saw when I came downstairs this morning.

Today is the opening of the exhibit 'Art in Bloom', in which the Waterville Garden Club and Colby Art Museum mesh their talents and put on a beautiful show. The garden club members choose one piece of artwork from the museum, and design a flower arrangement based on their interpretation of the painting or sculpture. Here are some of my favorites:

Painting is by Alex Katz, a Maine resident entitled Milly and Sally. Notice the tiny yellow bikini all made form daisy's and the little flip flops. Daisies, too.

Red Sails'also by Alex Katz..I just loved the simplicity of the one sail, one color flower.

This is a John Marin painting and, again the simplicity of the arrangement got to me. It was also pretty easy to interpret. I like instant gratification in everything I do, including studying paintings I guess.

Look at this one. The little sketch is by Georgia O'Keefe but don't you love the calla lillies coming out of this shell?

Look at it closer:

Beautiful, beautiful white.

"East' by Alex Katz

'Forest' by Alex Katz. He names his paintings like I name my quilts. Boring, but to the point. A lot of the artists (gardeners) used constructed metal sculptures as framework around their arrangements, similar to this one. The branch was there first and they made the sculpture around it.

Nice day.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

absolutely enchanting!!!! How long is this show on ... all too short I fear given the life span of cut blossoms! Where is it? Waterville?

And those peonies.....heaven!

Hugs, Sarah

Martha said...

Hey Kathy!
Peonies are my absolute favorite, with a special affection for the white ones with the pink/red touches in the center. I have some from my Mom in my garden in Scarborough, and hopefully they will be in bloom when I get there on friday. Speaking of this weekend, I'm coming up to be with Mom - she is doing quite poorly right now, however, I hope to get away to your house for the cookout on Sat. Joe's planning on having Dad drive him home after the Trek so I can leave on Sun. morning to go back to Scarborough. It's all very crazy keeping track of everyone - Steve is leaving for Bonaroo (in Tennessee) today, Joe's leaving tomorrow for the Trek, and I'm leaving Friday for Scarborough. Phew! THank goodness Tom and Hannah are staying home to care for the dogs!
P.S. I didn't know Alex Katz was from Maine! See you soon - Love, M