Monday, June 05, 2006

Frayed Edges Today

today we painted, stamped, silkscreened fabric. My intention going into this was NOT to focus on any end product but just PLAY. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and I STILL got a few good pieces of fabric I might be able to do something with sometime. This is one of them:

This is another and the one following had a little photoshp doctoring...I think i like it better:

I also stopped at a new for me quilting store and bought a few pieces of fabric....notice a theme?

Okay, I guess I'm getting bitten by the dots bug. I mean, look at the colors in these and the dots are all arranged so symmetrically...and really, WHO can pass by a Kaffe Fassett fabric and not want to touch it and look at it more closely. And perhaps imagine ways in which it can go together with other mates.

And of course I forgot my camera, but everyone was so busy and at one point the room was hushed and heavy with creativity. Hannah was nice enough to share her basement, her neat and tidy basement, and all her paints and stamps and screens, etc. Not to mention make a delicious lunch for us and allow me to go through her books and borrow several. It is so nice to have generous friends who have different books than you! We also shared a few words with Deborah via long distance cell, but up close and personal is SO MUCH BETTER! (I've always had a hard time letting go.)

Some are heavy reading, some are all about the pretty pictures and all hold the hope of striking some creative spark somewhere deep in the mossy recesses. So Beate, no time for "lapping" today. Don't know lapping? Check it out.


Joanne S said...

OH--------that fabric with the red dot centers. It is so perfectly ME!

Get more for ME!. All that stamping and painting looks way more interesting than the art meeting I had with my two friends. We showed each other our work--tried to solve the hostess's problems with her latest work. Top and bottom work but the center is contrived. My suggestions involved covering up as much as possible. Do you think she realized it????

Sarah Ann Smith said...

It's a good thing I haven't been to your house...yet! Teeheee... better put that fabric under lock and key or it may go missing!

and yes, that WAS fun.... we're gonna have to do better with the cameras. I'll add a link to your blog when I add my Frayed Edges post tomorrow...and maybe I'll scan my squares.....

hugs, Sarah

K.C. said...

The blue fabric is devine! That looks like it was fun. I cant wait to see what you do with it!