Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where Have I been?

Living life in the summer in Maine, just as it should be. Probably the whole summer will go just like this, and 'go' way too fast. We've had houseguests this past weekend. Two monkeys climbing in a tree:

Charlie and Katherine, 5 and 3 respectively.

I don't know how my sister keeps up with these two. I was exhausted trying to keep up the favorite aunt status, but I think I did a pretty good job.

Getting a little sustenance so we had the energy to cheer the trekkers in at the finish line.

The Trek across Maine was this past weekend, 180 miles from the western mountains to the sea over three days. My brother Joe and Bruce have done it for the past 6 years and last year Joe met up with one of his fraternity brothers who has also done it for many years. It's easy to miss someone in a crowd of 2000 bikers. So Ken enjoyed the comforts of my couch for one night. He was polite and said he LIKED couches. The perfect houseguest. This is the joy at the finish line which this year ended at the Owls Head Transportation Museum, a very cool place all on it's own.

Joe, Bruce in his VERY IDENTIFIABLE team shirt, blaze orange! He was easy to pick out in a crowd. And Ken Ruff.

Just for Martha since I know she reads my blog, like the great sister-in-law that she is! I love this picture.

And my dad was HERE, at my house, for Father's Day!! You think I could have gotten a picture of him here for the first time since 1998. Or a picture of him with three of his children that happened to be in the same place at the same time. DUH! I'll use the excuse of the kids needing attention.

Yesterday I delivered 5 hangings to Sarah for the show she is having at the Camden National Bank in downtown Camden. She has invited me to help her fill the wall space. So I guess we're doing it together? Although she's done ALL THE WORK. She's the kind of person you want to hang out with! So then I came home and started thinking about the show I'm having at the Maine General Medical Center Art Gallery for the month of July, at least 15-20 pieces in 2 weeks! Yikes! I think I need to start accomplishing things after dinner instead of shutting down. I'm actually in good shape, so good I've started playing with a piece of hand painted fabric. Here's a little peek:


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh what a wonderful newsy post, and indeed, Kath, it is OUR show at the bank, not just mine! We need to think up a name for it? Textile Art from Kathy Daniels and Sarah Smith? I'm plumb out of creative ideas... let me know if you have one!

Cheers, Sarah

Deborah said...

What a beautiful family! And I am loving those detail shots. More more more please.

Lee-ann said...

O! how nice to see the blue sky of Maine in your photos I loved very much your photos and the monkeys in the tree.

A lovely blogg - thank you for sharing.

Now I must go and phone a friend! in Kennebunkport and say hi! I miss her and your post has made me make time to call from australia thanks so much.

I will be back to see you all again.