Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Too, too too much time has passed since I last posted but we've been on vacation in Prince Edward Island and I had hoped to be able to share pictures occasionally of our trip because we were supposed to have wireless in our cute little cabin, but ONE BAR just doesn't cut it. We were just too far away from the source. The scenery there is beautiful and worth posting about all by itself. And then add in kids and grandkids and all is perfect. Even though:

It rained.
It was cold.
And the wind blew so that if you closed your eyes and just listened to the howling you'd swear we were in the middle of a blizzard.

Except for the first night and this morning when the sun was out and there was no wind. It wasn't cold, it just wasn't warm...enough to swim in the pool or the ocean, or not wear a sweatshirt.

But we were busy and had tons of fun. We hit the Canada Day festivities. Canada Day is like our 4th of July. Charlottetown was a buzz of fun things. Carey was so psyched to dress up like a fireman and put out the fire in the little wooden house whose windows fell in when you sprayed them.

What a great fundraiser, although they weren't charging anything for this ecstacy (nana, I'm so excited!!!! he says as he's standing in line!) Check out this sand castle made with that red dirt PEI is so famous for...made right on the spot during the celebration.

We had drinks outdoors the first night, beside a huge field just right for running and pretending, what else, Star Wars.

Then a rest:

...my kids who made the trip entertaining and fun...

I thought for sure we would be too late to see the lupine this year, but we came across this field, it was HUGE of lupine just on the edge of going by. Beautiful!!!

While we were driving I put the finishing touches on all the pieces that needed to be done today for the hospital exhibit. Soon I'll have pictures of those, a little mini exhibit for you all.


Sioux said...

What beautiful photos!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, even with the cool temperatures.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Ooooh, can't wait for even more pics! Love the pictures of the kids and grands. Of course, I think you must be teasing us...you can't be a gramma yet. Or maybe you can... just the coolest gramma ever....

Hugs, Sarah